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Hi everyone. It seems everybody has their own newsletter these days. Why should Compass be any different? This is just our way of staying in touch. We promise not to inundate you with frequent spam. As we stumble onto new and interesting information or develop a new product that we think you would like to know about we will pull together a newsletter and fill you in. Here’s our first kick at it. We are sending this out to anyone we have ever had contact with on a professional level. Perhaps we have done some work for you or you have been one of our students or maybe we met at a conference.

New PIR Safety Survey Standard (Alberta)

Don’t tell anyone we told you but Partner’s in Injury (PIR) Reduction has a new Safety Survey Standard. That’s right; so far it seems to be one of the PIR programs best kept secrets. Alberta Employment and Immigration (AEI) have finally opened the door for companies to benefit from a new and possibly even better safety program measurement approach. For many companies, one more audit isn’t going to reveal much of anything they don’t already know. They have been waiting for the PIR program to offer alternatives.

Numerous studies have reported on the benefits of safety perception surveys. These studies confirm that surveying is a powerful measurement technique with the ability to reveal new preventive information not revealed by audits. One of the problems with the current measurement option or audit is that it is not very flexible. It sets one bar or standard for all companies to achieve. Many company programs are already way above the basic standard. These companies need a measure that challenges them to improve.

The new standard states that employers who have held a valid COR for four (4) or more consecutive years may use an approved safety survey and action planning process to meet maintenance audit requirements. In addition to conducting a survey, the participating company needs to develop an action plan based on the findings. In the next maintenance year they need to report on their actions on the plan. Click here for a summary of the new safety survey standard introduced by AEI on December 4, 2007. For full details on how, or if, you can survey under the PIR program, contact AEI or your Certifying Partner.

Safety Perception Survey Guidebook

Why don’t more companies conduct safety perception surveys? One of the biggest reasons is the cost. If you hire a survey consultant to conduct a survey for you, it’s going to cost you a lot of money for their services. More companies would conduct their own if only they had the resources to do so. The purpose of our “how to” survey guidebook is to remove some of the mystery behind the safety perception technique and make surveying available to more companies. We outline step by step how any company can conduct their own safety perception survey. We’ve been conducting surveys for over 15 years and have made some mistakes – sorry past clients. We have learned from these mistakes and have explained them in the book under “Helpful Hints From the School of Hard Knocks”. The second edition of this book was printed in January of 2008. Click here to take a look at the Table of Contents.

Safety Perception Survey Web-based Application

One of the other reasons why more companies have not conducted safety perception surveys is that they simply have no way of managing all of the employee response data. If you can’t sort the data into meaningful reports, analysis becomes impossible. Well, we have a solution to that problem. We have created a powerful web-based survey application that you can use to enter all of your data and obtain detailed reports. You will find copies of some of the kinds of reports that this software will provide for you on our website under the Products section.

Basic Fire Safety Training

Have you ever used a fire extinguisher? If you were involved in a fire emergency right now, could you extinguish the fire? If not, it’s time to learn the basics of fire safety and how to use a fire extinguisher. When you’re faced with a fire emergency you don’t have time to read the instructions or fine print on the fire extinguisher label. Tyler Ryan is the instructor. He is a certified fire fighter working part time with Compass. Tyler will help ensure you and your employees can respond appropriately to a fire emergency. This course is delivered on site. Basic fire theory is conducted in the classroom and the practical, for obvious reasons, is conducted outdoors. Each participant will use a fire extinguisher and extinguish a pan fire. It’s surprising how big of a fire you can put out with a small extinguisher when you know how. The time to learn to use an extinguisher is before the fire emergency occurs. Click here for more details.

CCD Health Systems – Incident Reporting Software

One of the most common deficiencies we note when we conduct health and safety audits is the failure of companies to properly collect and analyze incidents in the workplace. Any company lacking in the areas of incident reporting and analysis is destined to repeat the same incidents over and over again. Let us introduce you to CCD Health Systems. CCD Health Systems is a software engineering company that has developed software to track & trend events, including WCB claims and causal analysis. CCD started this work in the healthcare industry and is now applying their reporting and tracking software to other industries.

For more information visit the CCD Health Systems website at

Beyond Safety Basics

This is a one day course designed to help supervisors and/or managers put their current safety activities into perspective. Participants will come away with a clear understanding of what it really takes to achieve world class safety. Parts of the course will refresh supervisors on key safety basics principles however, safety basics is only part of the solution. The focus of this course is going beyond safety basics. There will be discussion on:

  • Recognition programs that work
  • The Cadillac of training approaches
  • Measuring safety performance
  • Holding employees accountable for their safety responsibilities
  • Why employees behave the way they do
  • How to foster a positive safety culture
  • How a good safety program can help improve an organizations performance relative to quality, productivity and service.

Conference & Training Courses

Dennis will be speaking at a couple of conferences over the next two months. He’ll be in Toronto on May 28th speaking at the Education Safety Association of Ontario.

He will be speaking at the American Society of Safety Engineers conference in Vegas on June 11th. (session # 688) This particular conference is one of the largest safety conferences in the world.

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