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Compass is the only survey consulting company that truly offers a no strings attached free survey trial.

If you are a large organization, association representing numerous companies, or perhaps a consultant, here is an opportunity do yourself or your client(s) a favor.  Try an assessment process that looks beyond compliance.  System audits focus on looking in filing cabinets for documents that may or may not even improve safety.  This safety perception survey process will tell you if the safety meetings, training, inspections, etc. are effective – not just that they are happening.  If you or your client have been using system audits to assess the status of your health and safety system, by now, you are very likely suffering from “Audit Fatigue and Paralysis”.  You now have an opportunity to use an alternative measurement approach that goes well beyond the traditional safety basics – for FREE.

You may qualify for a Free Safety Perception Survey.  E-mail us with some details on your survey needs and and we will assess whether or not the Free survey offer applies.  The free survey offer applies only to do-it-yourself survey  approaches.  We are committed to ensuring you have a positive survey experience with us.  We will take the time to guide you through our nine-step survey process.

This survey process will reveal the culture of the organization.  In addition, you will be able to benchmark your culture findings against thousands of other survey respondents contained in our web based database. The findings of this free safety perception survey offer will yield opportunities for improvement that other methods of measurement have missed. Truths will be revealed that help guide your organization to world class safety.

Please complete this form to receive a free safety perception survey for your business. (Only for qualified organizations)