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Under What’s New, Dennis Ryan shares a number of articles that he has published on health and safety culture/climate, system auditing and safety perception surveys.  The articles have been published in prominent magazines such as the American Society of Safety Engineers, Professional Safety magazine and the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, Contact magazine.  Many of the articles focus on how to improve health and safety culture/climate, improve program or system assessment such as improving system auditing process or employing the use of safety perception surveys.  Under Products you will find information on a book written by Dennis and Janie Ryan on how to conduct a safety perception survey.  A do-it-yourself process is explained.

From time to time Compass publishes a newsletter under What’s New to highlight key health and safety changes/issues.  Updates are also provided on changes that Compass has been advocating for such as changes to the province of Alberta Partnerships Program, Certificate of Recognition program, creative sentencing, as well as other key health and safety issues.  Periodically we include some instructional information to help readers improve their program.  We have assessed hundreds of health and safety programs and gained some excellent bench mark information that we want to share. Readers are invited to comment on the information and submissions from others is also encourage.  Currently the Newsletter reaches more than 1000 health and safety professionals.

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