Compass Health & Safety Services

Compass Health & Safety Ltd. is a consulting company specializing in health and safety management system assessment and program development. We have the ability to employ a variety of assessment methods to evaluate your health and safety management system such as perception surveys, auditing, gap analysis and critical incident assessments. We also help companies build and improve their safety programs. Every program we develop is designed to meet our clients specific needs. Our safety training courses are designed on sound adult learning principles and are fun for participants. We can tailor our training to meet the specific needs of your company. Because it is difficult for many companies to manage health and safety without safety staff, we also provide them temporary staff on an as needed basis.  The following is a summary of the Compass Health & Safety Services.

1. Safety Perception Surveys

Many safety perception surveys measure the same basic safety program elements that H. W. Hienrich proposed to the safety profession over 85 years ago (i.e. investigation, inspection, risk assessment, etc.). Contemporary research confirms that cultural/human/psychological factors also play key rolls in safety success. We believe that each company has specific survey needs that are dictated by unique aspects of their company and the stage of development of their health and safety program. That is why Compass works with each client company to help create a survey that specifically meets their needs. Our survey application has been designed so that organization such as insurance comanies and safety associations can administer standard surveys but allow clients to make the survey company specific. In the reporting process companies can toggle in or out questions added to a standard survey. This allows each company to make comparisons to a standard survey or company specific survey.

We encourage a do-it-yourself survey approach. Survey consultants can be very costly to hire. That is the main reason the safety perception survey approach has been prohibitive for most companies. It can cost a great deal of time and therefore money to set up focus groups to help get consultants up to speed on the company they are surveying. With our guidance, an internal administrator or group, (e.g. safety committee) can effectively administer a survey using our nine step do-it-yourself method. Compass works with each company through the entire survey process. We want to ensure every survey administered with Compass succeeds.

Our surveys can be administered in hard copy or electronically anywhere in the world using our powerful web based survey application. We have a database of over 150 safety related survey questions. They have effectively been used thousands of times and have been proven to work. Therefore they are validated. Visit our Products page to learn more about our survey options.  Learn More

 2. Safety Program Development

Whether your company is big or small, Compass will help you develop your corporate health and safety program. We guarantee the program we develop for you will meet or exceed Partnership in Injury Reduction (PIR) standards and will put your company in a position to achieve a Certificate of Recognition (COR).

We will leave your company with a comprehensive health and safety manual that will serve as an excellent resource.  From a due diligence perspective, our program manuals withstand the scrutiny of legislators and exceed all COR expectations.  Learn More

3. Safety Program Management

Many organizations do not have a trained health and safety professional on staff and cannot justify hiring one.  Sometimes, the individual assigned to manage the program simply does not have the expertise needed to manage health and safety properly or ensure the company meets legislated or PIR COR requirements.  We can help. We have professional resources available to help you maintain and manage your existing health and safety program.

Whether your company is big or small, Compass will help you maintain and manage your existing health and safety program.  Learn More

4. Management Safety Training

Dennis and Janie Ryan are excellent instructors. Both have instructed part time in secondary institutions such as the University of Alberta.  Our training courses are developed to meet the needs of adult learners and are designed to keep the participants engaged.  Our courses are geared to supervisory/management.

We provide training in:
Safety Program Basics, Essential Principals to Achieving Safety Excellence, and develop and deliver company specific courses Learn More