Safety Perception Surveys

 What’s the definition of insanity?

Answer: – Doing the same things the same way and expecting a different result. Year after year, companies assess the strengths and weaknesses of their health and safety management system by auditing. Year after year they use the same audit instrument and often the same auditor. Little wonder these companies have found these audits offer them no new insights. This is a clear sign that their current audit approach has reached the end of its life cycle and something needs to change. This is a condition know as ‘audit fatigue‘ indicating it is probably time to try a safety perception survey.

“We’ve reached a plateau and we can’t seem to move off.”

If the above statement sounds like your company, maybe it’s time to administer a safety perception survey. Safety perception surveys can be designed to measure much more than compliance or basic health and safety program elements. Research confirms that cultural factors strongly influence health and safety program success. We have cultural questions in our master question list that you can add to your survey or add your own.  We don’t pull surveys off the shelf. Compass will help you create a survey that is specific to the needs of your organization or association. If you have a fleet and need answers to some very specific fleet related questions you should include them in your survey. If you have contractors, you may want to include questions suitable to contractors, etc. If you want to know whether your employees are faced with social or organizational pressures that influence them to work unsafely, we can incorporate appropriate questions in your survey. Bench mark your survey results against thousands of other companies that have used our database.  Surveys can be administered in person by a Compass Consultant, a trusted internal resource or do-it-yourself using our powerful web based survey data base. We’ll help you identify the approach that will work best for your organization. We have a database of over 150 validated safety related questions. Our database can accommodate your survey and report the results in a ways that are most meaningful to you.

A Compass safety perception survey, will answer questions that other methods of measurement do not reveal such as:

  • Are all near miss incidents and hazards really reported?
  • Are production or service quotas valued over safety?
  • Do supervisors have the authority, or use their authority to stop the work to prevent employee injury?
  • Are safety meetings effective?
  • Do employees feel free to express safety concerns?
  • Do employees feel they have been given adequate training to safely carry out the work safely?
  • Are safe work procedures followed?
  • Is management actively involved in the health and safety program?
  • Are employee safety values, attitudes, etc. closely aligned with those of management?

Unlike an audit a safety perception survey focuses not on what you have documented but on whether or not what you have in place is working.

If people are really our most valuable resource, why do companies spend so much time not asking them what they think about their work and work environment? Management needs to know what is happening inside the hearts and minds of their employees.

Compass believes (and this is supported by studies) that the safety “hardware” (e.g. investigation, inspection, orientation, etc.) accounts for only a part of the health and safety excellence puzzle. It’s the “software” – cultural or human psychological factors such as trust, credibility, leadership, satisfaction, autonomy, etc. that accounts for the rest. These soft factors influence whether or not a company will ever have success with the hardware.  Safety excellence has eluded many companies simply because these softer factors have never been measured and addressed. The answers to your survey will not only give you insight into what needs to be done to improve safety but the issues expressed generally also reveal how productivity, service and quality could be improved as well. Visit our Products section to learn more.

Our Products section provides a summary of our safety perception survey process.  If you are a large organization such as a union, safety association, conglomerate, safety consulting group, etc. take a look at our special offer of reduced rates and a free survey.