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Safety Perception Surveys are leading health and safety indicators.  Survey success is dependent upon the database you use to manage the survey data.  Request demo highlights key features of our survey database.  The Compass web based survey database is powerful, flexible and easy to use.  It can be used to accommodate any type of survey such as safety, environment, quality assurance, climate/culture surveys.  Bench marking is possible because accumulated data of previous users is retained by the database making it possible to bench mark against other companies in your industry and/or all other companies that have used the database in the past.

Request demo will allow you to view a variety of reports so that you can see how the database can meet your company/association specific needs.  Request demo will not allow you to review client data, nor will it allow you to view bench marking data, master questions or permit the users to change any of the data.  When you request a demo we will provide you with access to our demo site and send you step by step instructions on how to move around the site to view and modify reports.  When you have completed the demo you will have a clear understanding of what the Compass database can do to manage your data and provide you with detailed meaningful reports.

To demo our survey site, please enter your information below and Compass will contact you with login details.