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Compass Safety Web-based Safety Perception Survey Software

 (a do-it-yourself survey option).

Few people would allow their doctor to operate on them without a solid diagnosis of their health problem. Similarily, health and safety professionals should not attempt to manage health and safety without first obtaining clear direction of what needs to be done in order to improve.  A well constructed and properly administered safety perception survey will provide you with all the information you need to improve health and safety in your company. When you conduct a safety perception survey, you need to first ensure that you have all of the proper tools so that you can be certain your survey is administered right the first time. Many companies have tried to administer safety perception surveys and have failed. They failed because they either didn’t have the required knowledge needed to administer the survey properly, didn’t have an appropriate database to manage the volumes of data typically generated from the survey process or, they hired a consulting company offering survey services that also was not properly equipped to survey. If you work with Compass we guarantee your survey will succeed.


WHY use our Survey Software

Our powerful web-based software can be accessed by any registered user, anywhere, anytime. Compass does more than just provide our clients with access to our powerful database.  We walk them through the survey process step by step from survey development, administration and data analysis and reporting. Here are some key features of our database and survey approach that sets us appart from the competition.  

  • Company specific surveys We help you develop a survey that is right for your organization.  Yes we have surveys that we can pull off the shelf but we believe each user has unique needs and each user differ in their stage of health and safety development. Where one company should employ questions that are more traditional, another company may be prepared to ask questions that are more cultural.  As a starting point we have over 150 questions in our master question list that clients can select from.  Additional questions can be added from other sources or other disciplines such as human resources and environment.
  • Comments solicited for each question – Most surveys allow for the quantification of questions such as on a 1 – 5 Likert scale. We offer the same feature but we added the ability for respondents to add comments. When questions are only scored one is left with questions about why they scored the way they did. Survey consultants then need to set up focus groups to find out the reasons for the scores. This is an extremely expensive process and is the number one reason why safety perception surveys are so expensive.
  • Do-it Yourself – It is feasible to conduct your own survey. Consultants need to spend a great deal of time just to get a sense of the organization. It is not possible to offer recommendations on the data with this information that your internal people already have. We have the only eight step do-it-yourself survey process that guides you through the process from survey development to analysis.
  • Low Cost – This feature is primarily due to the previous two points. Because you administer the survey yourself, the need to set up focus groups post survey is diminished. The main reason consultants have to spend so much time with their survey clients is that they need to hold meetings with employees later to find out what our database finds out at the time of administration. We know there are free survey tools available but never was the term “you get what you pay for” more true. The databases are inflexible, do not provide detailed reporting and you are totally on your own throughout the survey process.
  • Survey in different languages – When you conduct a survey you do not want to leave employees out because just because they do not have a strong command of English. In fact, their lack of understanding is even more of a reason you may want them to complete the survey. With the click of a button our survey can be changed to over 100 different languages.
  • Toggle questions on and off – to be included in the survey average. This is a feature that large organizations and associations would be interested in using. Typically one standard survey is developed that is used either for all company departments or all companies within an association. But some departments and companies have very specific needs. For example, one department may have the need to assess contractor safety or fleet safety and other not. This feature allows for the administration of one survey for comparisons purposes but also allows for addition survey questions that may or may not be included in the survey averages. In addition, some companies are ready to leap over the basic bar that was set for them with the basic audit. This allows them to continue to improve.
  • Standard deviation – The database offers a standard deviation report that is key in data analysis. 
  • Comments by percent positive – There is the ability to create charts depicting positive, negative and neutral comments by percent.
  • Additional comments report – Our surveys offer respondents the opportunity to provide additional comments that perhaps do not relate to the questions asked in the survey. For example, “Is there anything else this company needs to do to improve employee.” This report often contains many important issues that should be acted on.  
  • Reports and graphs  – Our Demo offers a taste of the types of reports you can print off. They can all be exported to Word or Excel and PDF. If you need to hide some data because you receive too few response in any particular area, it is easily done because we have built in the flexibility into our database. 
  • Benchmarking – Our application offers the user the ability to benchmark with other companies and industries. Many consulting companies cannot offer this feature because they are working from basic databases. 


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Application Overview

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(note: this video does not reflect our current reports. All current reports can be viewed in the “sample reports” section above)

Client Survey Options

Large companies, conglomerates, union, safety associations

This survey application was developed primarily to meet the needs of large organizations and safety associations that would like to administer group industry or association specific surveys to their members and bench mark individual company survey findings against those of the group.  For example, the ABC Mining Association wants to make available an association specific survey to members allowing them to benchmark their results against the mining industry.  Here is an example of how the process works.  

  • Compass works with the association to develop a survey or surveys from our master question list.  Additional association specific questions are incorporated into the survey.
  • The association survey(s) is made available to association members under the association umbrella set up in the database.
  • The survey is set up for the association member companies under a member specific code.
  • Our survey approach is do-it-yourself but Compass guides each company or association through the survey process to ensure each survey is successful.
  • Survey respondents log onto the Compass survey site and respond to the association survey.
  • Once all respondents have responded, the reports are made available to the company.
  • Compass receives a payment from the association or member company based on the number of survey respondents.

Here is some additional information about the process:

  • The survey application incorporates some powerful bench marking options that allows companies to compare their survey findings against others in their industry/group, as well as against all of the respondents’ data collected in the database. 
  • Recognizing that every company has their own specific survey needs, we developed the survey application so that companies could add additional company specific questions to a standardized group survey.  Then we added the ability to toggle in or out the results of specific questions.  This allows individual companies to meet the group standardized survey requirements but also their company specific requirements.  This approach is unique and refreshing option from the “on size fits all” approach generally offered.  
  • We also recognize that large organizations have employees that may find it more comfortable to respond to a survey in their own language.  Therefore, we added the option to survey in over a hundred different languages.  
  • Our database is extremely flexible. Each client can select and print only the reports that serve their purpose. For example, if you choose not to include the Employee Comments report that reveals every respondent comments to every question, you can select a less revealing report that summarizes the comments into a percent positive or negative Comments Pie Chart.  
  • We work with every client and make certain they follow the survey administration process and are using the survey application properly.  We charge a nominal fee per survey respondent to ensure each survey is administered properly.  
  • Our do-it-yourself guide book can also be tailored to meet each Association/Organization’s specific needs.  The Association’s survey guide book can then be provided to all survey administrators as their step by step survey guide.
  • The guidebook can be used as the basis for survey administer training.  
  • The database can easily be tailored to help conduct health and safety management system audits.  The interview process is very costly, may be bias and employees may be guarded in responding to interview questions.  Surveys can be used to gather interview information.

There are no contracts to sign.  Try the approach and if you like it, use it again.  We have drastically reduced the pricing for database users in this option.  Call us to discuss the your survey needs.  Your organization may qualify for a FREE TRIAL SURVEY.  

 Individual companies

Individual companies are welcome to use our survey application.  We treat all of our clients the same. We will help them create a survey that works for their company, walk them through the survey administration process and give them tips on reporting and analysis. Individual companies also benefit from our applications ability to bench mark against other companies, survey in different languages, flexible reports, etc.

Commission for Referrals

We offer a generous finders fee for individuals that help bring us new survey clients. If you make a solid referral to us that leads to a new survey client, such as an individual company or industry group (e.g. safety association or union), you will receive a percentage of the first year sales.  Call us and we will discuss these details with you.


Do-it-Yourself (8 step) Survey Guidebook

We have literally written the book on how to conduct a safety perception survey.  We have taken all the mystery out of a process that has been the exclusive domain of expensive consultants. If you are not using our software you will need assurance the survey process succeeds.  If you fail it will reflect badly on the process and you may never get another opportunity to conduct a survey in your company.  Our how to book entitled “YES YOU CAN… Conduct your own safety perception survey” will guide you through the process, step by step, on how to develop and administer your own survey. The book contains details on our 8 step process. Here are the steps:

  • Develop
  • Sample
  • Test
  • Communicate
  • Administer
  • Analyze
  • Validate
  • Obtain Feedback
  • Re-evaluate

This 8 step do-it-yourself process are the key to a successful survey experience.  For more information on the 8 steps you may refer to our article that was published in Professional Safety, ASSE at this permalink.

Instructors: If you are instructing a course containing information on safety perception surveys you may want to consider using our guidebook.  The book contains a workshop that is linked to our survey demo site. Students can demonstrate what they have learned in class by work on the workshop and view applicable reports on our website.  Not only does this allow them to create and work with data reports but also analyze the data and compare their analysys to ours.

Yes you can conduct your own safety perception survey book.

Guidebook:  YES YOU CAN…Conduct your own safety perception survey 


Safety Perception Survey Book


We have re-written the “YES YOU CAN…Conduct your own safety perception survey” guidebook.  Our first edition was only 74 pages but subsequent editions have been expanded.  This edition is 203 pages.  It is recommended reading for consultants offering safety perception survey services and anyone that might be required to lead the survey process for their company.  This book provides clear direction on how to develop, administer and analyze your own safety perception survey results.  If your survey goal is to help you improve your  health and safety culture, you need to read this book. Here is a summary of what the book contains:

  • 203 pages of information on how to conduct your own survey
  • A sample survey you can use or modify to suit your needs
  • Information on how to frame survey questions or statements
  • An explanation of the sampling strategies
  • Options and directions on survey administration
  • Tips on analyzing and reporting the data
  • A workshop to test your survey knowledge
  • Take a look at the Table of Contents
  • Take a look at a sample of the book contents

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There is no survey database anywhere that is as flexible and comprehensive as the Compass Safety Perception Survey!